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How many seasons is the tent and sleeping bag suitable for?

The tent is definitely four season. Being canvas it keeps you warm but is very breathable and in the summer there is plenty of ventilation optionals.
The sleeping bag however is a 2-3 season bag. As it gets warm in the tent due to the small space we opted for a lighter bag to suit most climates and riders. If you are planning a winter trip or you do get particularly cold I recommend you purchase a winter liner for the sleeping bag (it’s a thin silk or fleece sack that goes inside the sleeping bag) which you can purchase from most camping/outdoor shops. Alternatively you can just remove the bag from the mattress (if you have a sleeping bag you prefer).

How waterproof is the tent?
The tent is extremely waterproof, canvas has been a trusted material for the outdoors for many years. Used by the military and survivalists alike. The fibres of the cotton swell like planks of wood on a boat to create a water tight seal, filling any small holes or stitching . The canvas has also been treated to increase the natural waterproof qualities of the material. 

Why haven’t you used lighter materials?

We have no plans to replace canvas with a synthetic material. For us, The longevity of canvas and the benefits of having a waterproof breathable fabric out-way the fact that it’s not the lightest.
We actually started with a few prototypes with blow up mattresses. But rolling them in a tight package with pegs etc, they did not last. Plus the comfort of the foam is far superior. We’re all about about making a product that will last 40 years + and getting away from the disposable pop up tents that are on offer.

Do I need to use a waterproofing spray on my tent?

No, as the canvas is pre-treated.
You may wish to give it a top up after a year or 2 of use with a canvas suitable waterproofing spray.

Please ensure you have read the section at the bottom of our website titled “Wingman Care”. You will find details on how to condition your wingman before first use. 

Can I purchase the tent without the mattress and sleeping bag?

No, it comes as a complete set. But you can completely remove the mattress/sleeping bag if you want to.

How long does setup and pack down take?

Both can be done in under 5 minutes.

What if I want to return my tent?

If you decide a wingman product is not right for you, you can return it back to us.
You must inform us via email within 7 days of receiving the product.

On receipt of the full, undamaged product, in it’s original packaging, the money will be returned to you on the same card you purchased with. All postage will be at the customers expense and arrangement. Please contact us directly on info@wingmanoftheroad.com for all return inquiries.

Does the tent have a warranty?

Yes. The tent has a 3 year warranty. The poles have a 1yr warranty.

All warranties are non-transferable and only available to customers who purchased from Wingman Of The Road.

Won’t the bike fall on me?

You won’t have any problem if you choose your ground carefully and use a kickstand plate or flat piece of wood if needed. Also take into consideration wind direction and any low hanging branches on nearby trees that may be a risk to you and your bike.

How do you recommend I attach the packed goose/toucan to my bike?

We recommend using Rok Straps as they compress the package down and are very secure. You can also use ratchet straps or bungees. The Goose can be positioned on a luggage rack, vertically on a sissy bar or simply on your passenger seat. For the Toucan we recommend a luggage rack. 

Where can I put my helmet, leathers etc?

You can put your riding gear in the space between the tent and the bike. They will then be under shelter. If the weather is really bad, you can wrap your items inside the waterproof cover and store it under the awning. Remember that you also have a concealed hook for your helmet, boots, gloves etc under the beak at each end of the tent. There is also a small pouch inside the tent for valuables.

Does the tent need the bike for its structure?

No. Wingman tents do not need the bike at all.

Do I need to use pegs?

For best setup we recommend using the pegs and guiding rope on the two ends to stretch out the tent to its maximum. But, you can manage without them. The tent will hold its own structure without pegging it out. This means you never have to worry about where you setup! Even a car park would be fine.

Will the Wingman tent be suitable to use with my bike?

Wingman tents can be setup with absolutely any bike. You just need to check how you will carry the packed roll on the back.

Can I wash the sleeping bag?

Yes. The sleeping bag and mattress cover can be fully removed and washed in a washing machine on a hand wash or delicate setting. Air dry rather than tumble dry. Take care when putting the cover back on not to tear the foam.

Does the tent need a ground sheet?

No. The bottom of the tent is made of heavy duty PVC.

Can you lock the tent?

You would easily be able to lock the tent with padlocks on the zipper pulls if you wish.