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Wingman Care

Important information to aid you in caring for your Wingman Tent

- Please check how your Wingman tent is packed before you unroll it, so you can roll it up in the same way.

- Condition your Wingman. To help waterproof your Wingman tent before first use, remove mattress/sleeping bag, zip up all openings and gently hose down the outside of the canvas then leave to dry. This allows the canvas to take up a small percentage of water which causes the cotton fibres to swell allowing the fabric to assume its renowned water resistant qualities.

- Avoid packing up your Wingman tent when wet..... If you don’t have time to allow it to dry out before rolling, make sure zips are all fastened to stop any water getting inside, give it a shake to remove excess water, roll as usual & be sure you air it out as soon you can. Most importantly do not store a wet, tightly rolled Wingman tent. If you are storing your Wingman tent away for the winter just make sure it’s dry & loosely roll it.

- When washing your mattress cover and the sleeping bag put the machine on a low-temperature wash or hand wash setting. Do not tumble dry.

- Any marks on the canvas of your tent can be removed with a sponge or soft brush and water. Do not use soap or detergent.

- The average person expels 500ml of water per night. Although the top quality canvas used by Wingman Of The Road will breathe and allow much of this water to be expelled, in certain weather conditions e.g a still cold night, some of this water may cause a little condensation to appear inside the tent. This can lead to the mistaken conclusion that the tent is leaking. It is important to allow for as much ventilation as possible. This shouldn’t be a problem due to the long wing being up attached to your motorcycle allowing for adequate airflow. You also have the option of keeping the end windows open. With the many ventilation options this tent has on offer, condensation should not be a problem.

- Attaching the awning to your bike.... Put your bike on its side-stand, make sure it’s safe & steady, attach the awning to the side the bike is leaning towards. In heavy rainfall be sure to angle the awning down to the ground at one end to avoid pooling.

- If attaching your Wingman to a motorcycle; As all motorcycle producers can’t guarantee the stability of their stands, we can’t do it either. It is the responsibility of the user to secure their motorcycle. Please make sure you choose your ground carefully and ensure the stability of your motorcycle. Be also aware of strong winds and consider the right direction for set up. You may want to use a side stand plate or a rock if setting up on soft ground.

- Do not set up under trees where heavy branches may fall causing harm, this is particularly important during high winds. Avoid creek beds where flash flooding could occur.