Why Canvas? – wingman-of-the-road

Why Canvas?

Tents made from cotton canvas are breathable, waterproof, environmentally friendly, and insulating. Most camping tents are made from plastics (nylon, polyester) which are cheap but lack the durability and weather resistance of canvas. 

Some other benefits of canvas are:

Unlike plastic tents, canvas allows small moisture particles from breath & sweat to escape directly through the tent fabric. Keeping you dry and comfortable in any environment also Eliminating the need for inner and outer tents.

Keeping you warm
Cotton is a poor conductor which makes it a better insulator than plastic keeping you warm. No problem having it near your hot exhaust after a long ride. Plastic tents melt and burn easily making them dangerous to set up close to a hot bike.

Heavy rains cause the cotton canvas fibres to swell, further tightening the weave in wet conditions, keeping the water outside while you stay dry inside. Wingman Of The Road’s canvas is pre-treated so it is quick-drying and won’t retain water when you are ready to pack up and hit the road.

Tents made from cotton canvas are tough, rip-resistant, and repairable. A properly maintained canvas tent can hold up to decades of use. Rips and tears from falling branches or extreme winds can be sewn up by hand with a simple needle and thread. Ripping and tearing easily, synthetic tent fabric is nearly impossible to repair. Any damage can result in a ruined camping trip and require a total tent replacement.

In addition to the natural breathability of cotton canvas, Wingman Of The Road tents are equipped with large mesh-covered entry points and windows. Customisable ventilation allows you to fine-tune your airflow to match the weather in seconds. If you have ever woken up in a plastic tent feeling damp – you have been a victim of insufficient ventilation and breathability.

Canvas tents are the tent of choice for military, humanitarian, and expedition use because they are tough as nails and reliable. Plastic tents are typically designed to provide the minimum amount of protection necessary to get you through by sacrificing comfort, durability, and strength in pursuit of cutting weight.

And how can we not mention aesthetics! As far as tents go, you really won’t find anything cooler or more badass looking than a canvas Goose! ⛺🤘🏻