Spicy fried rice, chicken and corn on the cob.  – wingman-of-the-road

Spicy fried rice, chicken and corn on the cob. 

Ingredients, serves 1. Easy to add to, to make more.

1/2 finely diced onion,
1/2 finely diced red pepper,
1/2 finely diced courgette,
1 portion of pre cooked supermarket rice,
1 chicken breast,
1 corn on the cob,
Your favourite hot sauce, we went for sriracha.
Few leaves of finely chopped parsley,
Little bit of cooking Oil.

Prepare your wingman kitchen, fire it up and get the pan nice and hot.
For this meal we add the ingredients one at a time and pretty much build the meal as we go.

This again is a simple recipe, it does require a bit of actual cooking as well as heating of ready prepared components. We are using raw chicken for this but it could easily be swapped for pre cooked chicken from the shop.

1. Pour a little oil on the pan and then add the chicken breast, season the chicken with a lille salt. Also add the corn with a little oil and salt. Turn the corn every few minutes during the course of making the meal until golden brown all over.
2. Now finely dice the onion and pepper. Once diced, turn the chicken over and move to one side of the pan. Put a little oil and the onion and peppers into the space on the pan, stir and start to fry.
3. Whilst the onions and peppers are cooking chop and then add in the courgette.
4. Carry on cooking the chicken, turning occasionally. Meanwhile keep stirring the onions, peppers and courgette. Once the chicken is cooked place to one side on your wooden plate, the corn should be good by now too.
5. Pour as much cooked rice as you’d like to eat into the pan, stirring it into the onion, pepper and courgette mix. Add a dash of water to help create steam to heat the rice. Add as much of your desired hot sauce as you would like. When fried rice mix is hot add it to the plate alongside the chicken and corn on the cob. Finish with a good sprinkle of salt and pepper and some finely chopped parsley.
6. Enjoy

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